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Image by Anthony DELANOIX


Meet Amy

Founder of Lost in Wanderland

Welcome to the wanderlust-filled world of Wanderland.  I am Amy Jacobson, a New York based travel writer and bespoke travel advisor, who transforms family vacations into European fairytales. 

As a seasoned travel writer and trusted luxury travel advisor I have spent time wandering through Europe’s most vibrant and enchanting places and am eager to share my expertise with you. 


My writing can be found in various travel publications both in the United States and Europe. As a travel writer, I offer valuable travel advice and experiences to help you and your family make the most of very adventure. Through my writing I hope to inspire you to show your children the world: offer insightful tips, heartfelt stories, and the best kept secrets of Europe. 

Beyond the written word, I offer personalized bespoke travel advisory services for the discerning traveler. With an understanding that travel is different for every family, I work with you to create your dream vacation.  Travel, I believe, is more than seeing new places. Travel is about curating experiences for the entire family, tailored from the curiosity of kids to the sophistication of adults.  My expertise is not just in must see destinations but in the moments that lie off the beaten path and become those magical moments of family memories.

I believe that every cobbled alley whispers secrets, every bistro holds a story, and every castle and village holds a lesson in history waiting to be discovered. With a suitcase full of experience and a passport full of memories I have transformed my wanderlust into a channel for families to explore and learn.  Come along with me as we get Lost in Wanderland together. 

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